Friday, July 29, 2016

Hello, Friday

I am so jet lagged... got back from my overseas trip on Wednesday. I have been wide awake since 2a.m. since over in Asia it's 2p.m. I hope I get over this jet lag before my trip to California next Wednesday.

I have a busy weekend ahead --looking at 4 wedding venues, co-hosting a baby shower, and have a housewarming party to attend... but for now, here are 5 random things on this Friday :)

1. HONG KONG, MACAU, MALAYSIA --you were so good to me. What an UNFORGETTABLE trip that included meeting my niece Serina for the very first time. You guys, it was the HARDEST goodbye. I love that little girl SO MUCH! Below are some pictures to recap my trip :)

2. BEACH DAYS -I love the beach so much and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia has some pretty amazing ones! Photo cred goes to my cousin, Miranda.

3. Alexander Wang --My boyfriend spoils me and surprised me with a black & rose gold Alexander Wang bag that I had been eyeing. It was part of his "I miss you" gift since I have not seen him in 3 weeks because of my trip!
Get the bag here

4. Blooms by Heinau --Have you heard of these flowers? They are supposed to last for 6 months! Thanks to my hubby to be again for getting me this arrangement. They are gorgeous!

5. K --just because I love him :) Thank for always staying by my side. I cannot wait to marry you! Oh, and I guess I should mention... I am moving to Virginia! Date TBD but we have applied for an apartment so fingers crossed! I could be leaving NY where I have lived for the past 30 years as soon as end of September this year! Crazy to think about but so excited to start my life with my fiance in the SAME state!

Friday, July 8, 2016


Now that it's summer, maybe I will have time to blog... but for now, here are some of my favorite things!

1. Gigi New York
Affordable and chic. My fiance just gifted me with the best cross body bag, ever. It is very spacious inside and fits a lot! It also comes in so many cute colors. I want to buy more! But i'll practice some self-control ;) I also LOVE that you can personalize everything. This is the one I got with my initials, of course. The best thing? The bag is on sale for only $157.50 

Purchase this bag here

Another must purchase from Gigi? Their zip pouch which is currently on sale for $38.50 Get it while you can for this price! This is another one of their products which is spacious on the inside and can fit more than you think. I actually bought each of my bridesmaids (all 8 of them!) one of these with their initials monogrammed. They all loved it and they got to pick their own colors. Of course, I needed one as well ... I went with melon, but the most popular among my girls was the hydrangea.

Get the zip pouch here


It's crazy to think I've never visited Maine. 2 of my work besties and I decided to do a short road trip. We made a pit stop at Salem, MA for a night --definitely did not get enough time here and will have to go back! Then we drove to Boothbay Harbour, Maine and oh my goodness... I fell in love. I will definitely be coming back here for years to come. We enjoyed A LOT of lobster... and I mean A LOT. I don't think we had one meal (with the exception of breakfast) where we didn't feast on lobster. We stayed at Spruce Point Inn Hotel & Spa. While a little pricey, it is most definitely worth it! You can rent everything from rooms (which were HUGE), cottages, or townhouses. You guys... every night in the summer you can also make s'mores over a campfire... need I say more? This place had families, older couples, and girlfriends that just needed a getaway (like me and my friends). It is a place for all ages! There is so much to do! I definitely want to take my hubby to be there for some R&R :) Check out the inn here! The service was also impeccable and they have a shuttle that will take you to town and pick you up to bring you back to the inn when you are ready. While you're there, definitely check out The Lobster Dock --delicious lobster dinner!

While you're in Maine, you must also try Five Islands Lobster Co. Supposedly one of the best lobster rolls --and I would have to agree!


Now that it's summertime I am going to get back into reading. My work is requiring me to read The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Jeff Hobbs. It is an interesting read thus far. I would definitely recommend it for any educators. This is about a man who was born near Newark, NJ and had all the odds against hin . He eventually attended Yale on a full scholarship. He struggled with his life on the streets back home and his life at Yale. Unfortunately, he got into the drug trade and was murdered by the age of 30.


...just because I can eat it all day, every day during the summer --which btw, I absolutely do!

5. ASIA TRIP 2016
Next Wednesday, I will be on a plane to Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia for 2 weeks. Family, friends, food, relaxation --it can't get any better! Girls' trip with my mama and my cousin :) I will miss the fiance, but cannot wait! The most anticipated part of the trip... meeting my niece Serina for the first time. There will probably be tears. Also, while in Malaysia I will be visiting the woman who took care of me from the time I was 9 months old up till when I left for college. I have not seen her since I was 18. This one's gonna be emotional ...