About the Blog

I started this blog years ago. Since then, I have changed the name and deleted the posts. I want to write a blog that is meaningful. I am quickly approaching the last year of my 20's. I want to make sure I make it an amazing year before turning the big 3-0 in August of 2016. I am still very much finding myself, hence the new blog name "Becoming Lo." Join me on my personal journey of self discovery --I hope to make you smile, laugh, and I hope to inspire. 

About the Gal:

My name is Lorraine. I was born and raised on Long Island where I went to Stony Brook University and received a degree in Sociology with a minor in Child & Family Studies. On my 22nd birthday, I moved to downtown Manhattan to attend New York University for my master's in Childhood Education and Special Education. Almost 7 years later, I am still writing this chapter of my life. I am currently working as a Kindergarten teacher at a charter school in Brooklyn. I absolutely love it! The kids bring me so much joy. On my free time, I like to travel, brunch with friends, spend time with my family, and walk around aimlessly in the greatest city of the world.


  1. Nice to "meet" you!
    Just came across your blog!
    I am now following!
    looking forward to keeping up


    1. Thanks, Christina! Glad to see a fellow New Yorker & educator following :) xox


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